How much have you spent on a lifestyle video in the last year? 25k? 50k? "I'm too mortified to admit it" k? If you're like most, you created a single video out of hours of raw footage.

You probably have hours of raw footage currently sitting in your office on a hard drive. If you're wondering why I'm bringing up raw, unused footage, it's because we think you can probably get five plus short form videos out of that footage. And that is a conservative estimate.

Normally, as marketers/brands/small businesses/advertisers/(insert your role here), we come up with an idea, create a storyboard, shoot and edit with the storyboard as our foundation. Have you considered that there are untold stories in that footage? I'm not referring to behind the scenes footage either. With a little bit, (ok, a lot) of creativity, we can transform unused footage into short form video content aka social media juju.

We are team of creative specialists that have finally decided to share our secret sauce and offer you a service that will exponentially expand your marketing assets!

We can uncover several storylines from a single clip...we create with an “untold stories” POV...
— Nancy B., Creative Professional